Analysis of sodium nitrate leakage emergency treatment method is worth collecting~

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sodium nitrate is a kind of irritant product. Although it has little toxicityit is harmful to human body. Thereforeit is necessary to avoid leakage when using make various emergency plans. How to deal with the leakage correctly? Let's learn about the corresponding treatment scheme after the leakage of sodium nitratei.e.

the first solution is to absorb activated carbon or other inert substances. It can also be rinsed with a large amount of waterdiluted injected into the wastewater treatment system.

sodium nitrate leakage treatment scheme 2: massive leakage: build dams or bury caves. Spray water can cool dilute steamprotect personnel on site dilute leakage into non combustible material. Transfer the explosion-proof pump to the tank car or special collectorrecycle then transport to the waste disposal site for treatment.

sodium nitrate leakage treatment scheme 3: the leakage source can be cut off to prevent leakage into the restricted space such as sewers flood drainage ditches.

sodium nitrate leakage treatment scheme 4: do not directly contact with the leakage of sodium nitrateit is recommended that emergency disposal personnel wear self-contained positive pressure masks anti-virus clothing.

sodium nitrate leakage treatment scheme 5: in the use processonce the leakage problem occursthe staff should quickly leave the contaminated areaenter the safe area isolatestrictly restrict accesscut off the fire source. At the same timein order to avoid the occurrence of such accidentsthe operators must receive professional trainingstrictly abide by the operation rulesprevent leakage to the workplace strengthen the operation safety.

the above five points are the emergency treatment plan for sodium nitrate leakage. I hope it will be helpful to you ~

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