Application of Nano Diamond Powder

wallpapers Industry 2020-09-10

As a complete bandgap material, diamond has excellent secondary electron emission performance, which is due to its low electron affinity and considerable secondary electron escape depth. However, because natural and high-temperature and high-pressure synthetic diamonds are dispersed powder or granular, they cannot be used directly as cold emission cathodes for a long time. Until the mid-1990s, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamond film, a new type of synthetic diamond material, All aspects of performance indicators can reach or approach the level of natural, high-quality single crystals. A diamond can be applied to secondary electron emission cathodes in the form of film materials. However, diamonds for secondary electron emission prepared by existing methods The secondary emission coefficient and attenuation characteristics of the film are both poor.

The thermal conductivity of nano diamond powder is as high as 1900~2000W/(m·K), which is currently the best thermal conductivity material. The use of diamond powder with higher thermal conductivity is used in the manufacture of thermally conductive composite materials, and diamond powder is used to prepare high thermally conductive composite materials to overcome the mutual restriction of thermal conductivity and impact toughness of existing products. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the workpiece from cracking under the premise of improving the thermal conductivity, to significantly improve the thermal conductivity of the thermally conductive composite material, improve the heat dissipation of the workpiece, and reduce the temperature rise of the workpiece, thereby increasing the operating life of the workpiece and reducing the operating cost.