Attention must be paid to the transportation of sodium nitrate!

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in modern chemical industrysodium nitrate is a kind of commonly used chemical substancebecause it is easily interfered by other factors in the external environment reactsespecially if it is not hled properly for a long timeit will cause deliquescence affect its normal use. How much do you know about the transportation of sodium nitrate? This article will answer questions for you.

dangerous goodssodium nitrate No. 51055. The quality grade of

iron is 51055un.

Number: 1498

label: oxidant package.

encapsulation type: the third type of encapsulation.

packaging methods: double layer plastic bags or one layer of plastic bagsouter gunny bagsplastic woven bagslatex woven bags; plastic woven bags composite plastic woven bags (polypropylene three in one bagpolyethylene three in one bagpolypropylene two in one bagspolyethylene two in one bagsthreaded glass bottlesplastic bottles or ordinary wooden cases outside plastic bags); Glass bottle with thread mouthglass bottle with iron coverordinary wooden box outside plastic bottle or metal can.

sodium nitrate transport precautions 1: in railway transportationthe dangerous goods loading should be carried out in strict accordance with the dangerous goods loading list in the transport rules of dangerous goods issued by the Ministry of Railways. The container shall be shipped separately to ensure that the container will not leakcollapsefall or damage during transportation. Note 2 for transportation of

sodium nitrate: vehicles should be equipped with corresponding types quantities of fire fighting equipment. Notice 3 for transportation of

sodium nitrate: it is forbidden to transport it with acidcombustible substanceorganic substancereducing agentspontaneous combustion substanceinflammable substance when wet. Four points for attention in the transportation of

sodium nitrate: the traffic speed should not be too fast overtaking by force is not allowed. Precautions for transportation of

sodium nitrate: the transport vehicle shall be thoroughly cleaned before after loading unloading the transportation precautions for sodium nitrate of

shall not be mixed with organic substancesinflammables other impurities.

the above is a summary of the transport precautions of sodium nitrate as a dangerous chemical. I hope it will be helpful to you ~

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