Can sodium silicate be eaten? Is there any poison?

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according to the properties of sodium silicateit is usually called liquid sodium silicate. Liquid sodium silicate is a colorlessslightly colored transparent or translucent viscous liquid. Solid sodium silicate is a kind of colorlessmicro colortransparent or translucent bulk glass. Can sodium silicate be eaten? Is there any poison? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it. The shapes of

can be divided into liquidsolid water quenching. This substance is called "colloid" in theory. Generallysodium silicate is a light blue block or granular solidwhich dissolves under high temperature pressure is a transparent or translucent viscous liquid with bright colors.

also known as sodium silicate (Na2SiO3)is a viscous solution formed by dissolving in waterwhich is usually called sodium silicate. It is widely used in silica gel because of its strong adhesionacid alkali resistance high temperature resistance. Can sodium silicate be eaten? In factsodium silicate is toxicbut has no effect on general exposurebut ingestion can cause harm to human liverso we should be careful to avoid children's contact.

are all about sodium silicate you can eat? Is there any poison?

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