Chang'e-5: drilling and sampling completed

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-04
The images of

show the panoramic camera image taken by the panoramic camera after the ling of the combination of ler ascent of chang'e-5 probe (taken on December 2). The reporters of

from the National Space Administration (NASA) learned that at 4:53 on December 2 Beijing time the lunar exploration project chang'e-5 ler ascent combination completed the lunar drilling sampling packaging. After the

successfully led on the lunar surface at about 23:00 on December 1 the preparations for solar wing deployment mechanism unlocking were carried out.

at present the ler the lifter combination are sampling according to the plan. The automatic sampling task of chang'e-5 detector is based on the combination of surface drilling multi-point sampling two "digging" modes of drilling tool surface sampling of mechanical arm are designed.

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