Chemical professional knowledge! What are the elements in inorganic salts?

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Although the content of inorganic salt in cell human body is very lowinorganic salt plays a very important role in it. If you want to maintain a normal level of inorganic salt in the bodyyou should pay attention to the nutritional balance diversification of diet in daily life. Sowhat are the microelements in inorganic salts? The main elements in

are sodiumcalciummagnesiumphosphorusironiodinezinccopperetc. The following will introduce in detail the elements contained in it:

. 1. Sodium: sodium is the main component of salt. Sodium exists in all kinds of food the main sources of sodium intake are saltsoy saucepickled foodetc. Calcium: calcium is an important part of bone teeth. Lack of calcium in the human body may lead to chondropathyosteoporosis even lead to convulsions. Phosphorus: phosphorus is one of the important components of teeth bones. Severe phosphorus deficiency may cause symptoms such as anorexia anemia. Iron: iron is a trace element with more than * * content in human bodywhich is closely related to human health. The symptoms of iron deficiency include iron deficiency anemiadecrease of iron deficiencyetc.

5 magnesium: magnesium is an essential element for human bodywhich plays a role in maintaining the structure function of bone cells. Magnesium deficiency may lead to nervous tensionemotional instabilitymuscle tremor other related symptoms. Iodine: iodine is a component of thyroid gl. Iodine deficiency can lead to dementiagoiter in children adults.

7. Copper: the formation of hemoglobin needs activation the activation needs the help of copper is conducive to the absorption utilization of iron. It is of great significance in the transmission of electronsthe metabolism of connective tissuethe synthesis of elastinthe metabolism of purinethe formation of nerve tissue phospholipid. Zinc: zinc can play a key role in promoting growth development. Zinc deficiency in children may lead to the symptoms of poor growth development; zinc deficiency in pregnant women may lead to brain dysplasia mental retardation in infantseven if continuous zinc supplementation after birth is of no help. The "inorganic salt" of "spekds" is of great significance to human health. In order to maintain their own life safetyin daily lifewe should pay attention to the intake of inorganic saltpay attention to balanced diet. Body is the capital of revolution keeping healthy is both important crucial.

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