Dry goods sharing! Analysis of sodium nitrate identification and preservation methods

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because sodium nitrate brings more more convenience to people's lifeit is more more used in chemical industry. It is a kind of white powderwhich is easy to be confused with other chemicals. How to identify sodium nitrate? In additionsodium nitrate is easily affected by moisturewhat are the corresponding preservation methods? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it ~

sodium nitrate identification method 1: sample burnthe nitrogen oxides produced in the air are easy to continue to be oxidizedforming nitrogen dioxide red brown gas. Method 2: sodium nitrite oxygen will be produced after vacuum heatingwhich is the characteristic of alkali metal nitrate. Identification method 3 of sodium nitrate of

: burning on the alcohol lampthe flame is yellowwhich is sodium salt.

sodium nitrate identification method 4: because sodium is used in the preparation of sodium nitratethe potassium salt generally contains impurity sodium saltwhich has an impact on the flame color. Through the blue cobalt glassyou can see the flameyou can filter out the color the purple flame contains sodium salt.

sodium nitrate identification method 5: sodium element is contained in sodium nitrate the effect is obvious when it is identified from the perspective of sodium. This identification method can also be used for quality detectionso that the purity of the product is high the effect is more obvious.

if sodium nitrate is placed in the air for a long timethe moisture in the air will react with the product cause deliquescence. To give full play to its advantagesthe following points can be done to prevent deliquescence of the product:

The first method of

sodium nitrate preservation is to store sodium nitrate in airtight moisture-proof conditions to prevent its deliquescence. Storage method 2 of sodium nitrate of

: do a good job in cooling cooling of sodium nitrate store it in a place with good ventilation low temperature dry air. The third preservation method of

sodium nitrate: deliquescence is related to the amount of water molecules in the air. Try to put the sodium nitrate into the indoor environment with low water molecular content in the airwhich can prevent deliquescence.

sodium nitrate preservation method 4: in humid environmentsodium nitrate is very easy to deliquescence. In order to prevent its deliquescenceplace it in a closedlow temperature dry environmentwhich can better prevent its deliquescence keep it dry.

the above is a summary of the summary of sodium nitrate identification methods sodium nitrate storage methodsI hope to help you ~

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