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inorganic salts is an important factor to protect human health. Inorganic salt is an indispensable important substance in human body. If one of them is lackingit will cause body discomfort. Soin the endwhat are the symptoms of the lack of inorganic salts? How to remedy it? Experts answer for you. If the human body is lack of calciumit will appear muscle spasmteeth unsounddyspneagastroenteric paralysis other symptomseasy to get chondropathy. Howeverphosphorus calcium have the same function. Only when phosphorus calcium are properly combinedcan they play a better physiological role.

2. The human body needs to constantly supplement saltbecause salt plays a very important role in the human body. If the loss or loss of salt in human bodywill produce physiological dysfunction. If the extreme lack of saltthere will even be syncoperapid pulsemyocardial weakness other symptoms.

in view of the lack of inorganic salt in human bodythere are several remedial measures:

1. Eat more vegetables with rhizomesbecause the vegetable roots contain more inorganic salts;

2. Balance diet make the diet diversified. Most minerals are found in various foods. Studies on

indicate that human beings often benefit from the supplement of inorganic salts. Due to metabolisma certain amount of inorganic salt is lost through various ways every dayso it needs to be supplemented by diet. In order to avoid the symptoms of lack of inorganic salts in human bodywe should pay more attention in our daily lifeespecially in the face of the elderly childrenwe should pay more attention to their diet balance ensure their health.

inorganic salts are indispensable for life activities. If there are serious symptoms caused by the lack of inorganic saltswe must seek medical treatment in time to maintain our own life safety at the same timewe should also ring an alarm bell to warn ourselves.

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