Four Key Points to Prevent Lubricating Oil Pollution

wallpapers Industry 2020-02-25
Lubricating oil plays a vital role in mechanical operation, especially in the bearing. Once the lubricating oil is polluted by impurities, and then deteriorates, coking, emulsification, and flying oil is very easy to occur, which will significantly increase the wear of the machine. Therefore, the managers of the major factories must prevent the pollution of lubricating oil.

The most important thing to prevent lubricating oil pollution is to avoid it in advance, and there are four key points to be paid attention to:
1、 Keep the oil container clean.
Before unloading or filling the oil tank, it is necessary to check the inside of the container carefully, remove water impurities and pollutants, and do not fill the tank if it is not clean. In general, paint such as lacquer, furfuran resin, or epoxy resin can be used for painting and isolation, with good effect.
2、 Regularly check the condition of the bottom of the oil tank and clean the oil container.
The longer the oil is stored, the more sediment is produced by oxidation, and the more serious the impact on oil quality is. Therefore, the tank bottom must be inspected once a year to determine whether it needs to be cleaned. The cleaning cycle of various oil tanks is required to be: once every three years for light oil and lubricating oil tanks, once every two and a half years for heavy diesel oil tanks.
3、 Regularly spot check the oil products in stock to ensure the quality of oil products.
To ensure the quality of oil products and prevent the quality change in the storage process, we should regularly sample and test the oil products in stock. The barreled oil products shall be reinspected every six months, and the oil products stored in the tank can be reinspected every three months to one year according to their turnover. For oil products that are easy to deteriorate, have inferior stability, and have a long storage period, the retest period should be shortened.
4、 Strengthen the management of tinned and barreled oil products.
The barreled oil products shall be equipped with rubber rings; the end shall be tightened and stored in the warehouse as much as possible. Open-air filling operation shall be avoided under the conditions of windy sand, rainy and snowy days, or more dust in the air, to prevent miscellaneous invasion. Clean the water and snow on the bucket in time after the rain and snow. Wipe the dirt on the surface regularly, and check the oil sample at the bottom of the bucket frequently. If there is any water impurity, take it out in time. It is forbidden to store tinned oil, solvent oil, various high-grade lubricating oil and grease in the open air.
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