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How To Choose The High-Speed Bearings And Low-Speed Bearings

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As we know that bearings are needed in many machines now, but at first glance, I am afraid that not many people understand whether it is high or low. Many friends may have misunderstandings. The difference between high and low speeds is not the speed of the bearing itself, but the internal structure of the bearing. Low-speed bearings can reach thousands of revolutions per minute, while some high-speed bearings have only a few hundred revolutions per minute.

Definition High-speed or low-speed bearings are generally positioned at linear speed rather than rotational speed. The rate of high-speed bearings must reach the speed requirement of more than 60 meters per second, so small bearings maybe tens of thousands of revolutions at random, but they are not high-speed bearings, and super-large bearings are considered to be high-speed bearings at hundreds of revolutions per minute. The line speed is tremendous. Among sliding bearings, hydrostatic bearings, hydrodynamic bearings, gas hydrostatic bearings, and gas dynamic pressure bearings are all suitable for high-speed rotation.

Low-speed rolling bearings are generally used, and high-speed sliding bearings are typically used. As the name implies, there are balls in rolling bearings, which are spherical, cylindrical, and conical. Plain bearings are usually bearing bushes. High and low-speed bearings are difficult to distinguish by appearance, and conventional low-speed bearings are mostly and cheap, but there are many high-speed bearings used inside the machine.

High-speed bearings are generally used inside the machine and are lubricated with liquid bearing oil for cooling. If the bearings is not used in a car where there is not much power for the high speed of the motor, high-speed bearings can also be lubricated with stable bearing oil. Generally, the high-speed bearings are used in the differential of the engine-transmission, and the low-speed bearings are used in the chassis such as the axle shaft hub bearings.

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