How to use sodium nitrate reasonably and keep away from life-threatening?

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sodium nitrate is a kind of product with strong moisture absorption good combustion supporting performance. Thereforedo not mix it with flammable materials when usingotherwise it is easy to cause fire. In order to ensure reasonable use avoid the life threat of usersplease use sodium nitrate reasonably scientifically. Let's follow Xiaobian to underst the use of sodium nitrate precautions ~

sodium nitrate notice 1: suitable for topdressing. After being applied to soilsodium nitrate can be rapidly decomposed into sodium ions nitrate ionswhich can be absorbed utilized by crops. It must be emphasized that when using sodium nitrate as topdressingit should be applied less more as much as possibleso as to avoid the leaching of nitrate nitrogen. Two points for attention in the use of

sodium nitrate: in arid areassodium nitrate can be used as base fertilizer. But in the case of deep applicationtry to mix with corrosive organic fertilizerso the effect will be better. Three points for attention in the use of

sodium nitrate: long term application of sodium nitrate will lead to soil hardening. In order to prevent this problemsodium nitrate should be mixed with organic fertilizer or superphosphate. Four points for attention in the use of

sodium nitrate: paddy field saline alkali l are not suitable for fertilizer. Five points for attention in the use of

sodium nitrate: Tea Plantations in the south are not suitable for plantingbecause tea plants are suitable for growing on acid soil sodium nitrate is an alkaline fertilizer. In additionthe south is rainy easy to leach.

the above five points are the notes on the use of sodium nitratewhich I hope will be helpful to you ~

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