Scientists elucidate the mechanism of immune cells accelerating normal brain aging

wallpapers Industry 2020-06-18

published the latest research results of Liu Qiang's team in Tianjin Medical University General Hospital on December 1. The researchers elucidated the mechanism of immune surveillance triggered by brain aging the specific effects of immune cells on neurogenesis cognitive decline in the process of brain aging providing new prevention intervention strategies for improving neural repair cognitive function of aging related diseases. The aging of

is a necessary stage in the process of life the central nervous system is one of the systems most affected by aging. At present cognitive impairment associated with brain aging has become a great threat to the health of the elderly. Aging is accompanied by the increase of systemic inflammation but it is not clear whether the immune system participates in plays a role in the normal brain aging process.

the team of Liu Qiang from Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Jin Weina of Beijing Tiantan Hospital cooperated. By comparing the immunoblotting of young old human brain tissues we found that the immune cells represented by natural killer cells gradually increased with age. Most of these cells are located in the dentate gyrus are close to the neural precursor cells. In combination with single cell sequencing proteomics technology our team further found that some aging neural precursor cells overexpressed a variety of aging related phenotypes including interleukin-27.

researchers confirmed that these immune factors can activate exp the immune cells in the brain through gene coding genealogical tracing. In addition evidence from RNA sequencing immune screening showed that aging led to down regulation of major histocompatibility complex class I molecules on the surface of neural precursor cells resulting in the loss of immune tolerance thus activating immune surveillance damaging neural precursor cells during normal brain aging. The elimination of immune cells in the aging brain through immune intervention can promote the survival of neural precursor cells improve cognitive function. For information about

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