Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite don't be so stupid! On the difference between the two~

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when sodium nitrate is used in industrymany people who don't know it will look up many contents about it in various waysbut many people confuse it with sodium nitrite. In factthis is not the case. Let's take a look at the difference between sodium nitrate sodium nitrite The difference between

sodium nitrate sodium nitrite is actually the difference of internal nitrogen valence. In sodium nitritenitrogen 3sodium nitrate 5. This is due to the different nature use of valence.

sodium nitrite action:

sodium nitritethis is a kind of food additiveits main function is: protect colormake food color keep brightmake food not black light. Used as pickle food. ***Bacillus botulinum can prevent fresh meat from being oxidized to gray brown denatured myoglobin in the air keep meat products bright red.

sodium nitrate function:

enamel industry sodium nitrateas a fluxoxidant raw materials for the preparation of enamel powder. Glass industry as decolorizerdefoamerclarifier oxidation flux is used in various glass products. There is no machinery industry used to melt the decolorizer of caustic soda manufacture other nitrates.

are used as coloring agents in the process of meat processingwhich can prevent meat from rotting play the role of seasoning.

are suitable for quick acting fertilizer in acid soilespecially for root cutting cropssuch as beet radish.

are used as raw materials in the production of picric acid dyes.

steel aluminum alloy are used as heat treatment agents in metallurgical industry.

are used as metal cleaning agent black metal bluing agent in industry. The application of penicillin in pharmaceutical industry. **Industrial use as combustion supporting agent. Used as a chemical reagent in analytical chemistry. It can also be used for manufacturing.

hope that through the above explanation of sodium nitrate sodium nitriteplease treat them differently do not confuse them. If you want to know moreyou can pay attention to our company's website we will give you a professional detailed introduction.

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