Sodium nitrate is widely used! Do you know all the eight functions?

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sodium nitrate solution is neutraleasy to be decomposed by heating has the functions of combustion supporting oxidation. Thereforeit has a wide range of application more functions. What are the main functions of sodium nitrate? Let's take a look at the functions of sodium nitrate?

sodium nitrate: sodium nitrate can be used as cosolventoxidant raw material of enamel powder.

sodium nitrate function two: glass industry as decolorizerdefoamerclarifier oxidation flux used in various glass its products.

sodium nitrate function three: no mechanical industry used to melt the decolorant of caustic soda manufacture other nitrates.

sodium nitrate function 4: food industry as a coloring agent in the process of meat processingcan prevent meat decay play a seasoning role. Sodium nitrate of

is suitable for fertilizer in acid soilespecially for root crops such as beet radish. Dyeing: for industrial production of picric acid dyes.

sodium nitrate action 6: Machinery City industry is used as metal cleaning agentalso as black metal bluing agent. The application of penicillin in pharmaceutical industry. **Industrial use as combustion supporting agent. Used as a chemical reagent in analytical chemistry.

sodium nitrate action 7: chemical pure sodium nitrate can also be used for low chromic acid passivation oxidation solution of magnesium alloy coating.

sodium nitrate function 8: in many industrial fieldssodium nitrate can play a certain rolethereforedue to its more more extensive useenterprises should not only master the correct use methodbut also pay attention to storage in a cool ventilated placebecause it can support combustion.

the above is a summary of the relevant introduction about the role of sodium nitratehoping to help you

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