Study on control of inorganic salt content in petroleum sulfonate production process

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Due to the complex compositionstrong activity problems of mass transfer heat transfer in the process control of Gudao crude oil liquid sulfur trioxide used in the sulfonation section of petroleum sulfonate production processa large amount of sulfur trioxide * * in the production process is finally transformed into inorganic salt exists in the neutralization liquid by different ways.

must be salt cut after neutralization section in order to meet the requirements of product delivery stards application performance. Thereforeit is of great practical significance to analyze the key factors affecting the removal effect of inorganic salt in neutralization samples reasonably adjust the neutralization salt cutting process flow according to the actual situation of productionso as to ensure the smooth operation of raw products ensure the quality of products.

are the main factors affecting the salt cutting effect:

1the influence of neutralization sample residence time

After sulfonation neutralization of

production linethe neutralization sample contains a large amount of active substancessolventsinorganic salts water. After a certain residence time at a certain temperaturedue to different specific gravitysome active water with high inorganic salt content will appear in the lower layer. The purpose of neutralizing the sample cutting the salt by removing the active water can make the inorganic salt content of petroleum sulfonate products in * * final production line Control within the qualified range. A large number of experiments production line production show that the residence time of neutralization sample is the key factor affecting the salt cutting effect.

2. Effect of sulfonation depth on salt cutting effect

In the sulfonation process

can control the composition of monosulfonates polysulfonates by controlling the reaction temperature the amount of sulfonating agent inorganic salt. When the sulfonation temperature is too high or the sulfonating agent is used too muchthe monosulfonate in the product composition decreases the content of polysulfonates similar to the inorganic salt increases the emulsifying performance of the whole system deteriorates stops at the same time Under the retention timethe neutralization sample is easier to realize salt cutting vice versa. The contents of

are the requirements for the control of inorganic salts in petroleum sulfonates.

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