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as a kind of chemical oxidantsodium nitrate contact will be dangerousso if you use it in chemical productionyou should pay attention to do a good job of protectionbut also pay attention to ventilationcan't drink water close bycan't eatin order to you can use this product more safelythe following is the chemical properties of sodium nitrate introduced for youfor some relatively dangerous I hope you can avoid it after you underst it.

sodium nitrate physical chemical properties:

sodium nitrate chemical properties 1: appearance properties: sodium nitrate is colorless transparent or white rhombic yellowish crystalslightly bitter easy to deliquescence.

sodium nitrate chemical properties 2: melting point (c): 306.8.

sodium nitrate chemical properties 3: boiling point (c): 380 (decomposition)

sodium nitrate chemical properties 4: relative density (water = 1): 2.26. Chemical properties of

sodium nitrate: relative vapor density (air = 1): no data available. Chemical properties of

sodium nitrate: octanol / water distribution coefficient: - 0.79.

sodium nitrate chemical properties 7: flash point (c)ignition temperature (c)higher limit (%)lower limit (%)pH critical pressure (MPA) are meaningless.

sodium nitrate chemical properties 8: solubility: soluble in waterglycerolliquid ammoniaslightly soluble in ethanolinsoluble in acetone.

are mainly used in enamelglassdyemedicine other industries as fertilizer in agriculture.

sodium nitrate toxicology:

sodium nitrate toxicology 1: acute toxicity: LD (rat oral) 50:1267mg / kg

sodium nitrate toxicology 2: mutagenicity: microbial mutagenesis: 1000ppm other microorganisms. Micronucleus test: hamster oral 250 mg / kg.

sodium nitrate Toxicology 3: DNA synthesis: HeLa cells 6 mmol / L. Cytogenetic analysis: 5700 mg / L hamster lung tissue.

sodium nitrate stability reactivity

1. Complexes: strong reducing agentactive metal powderstrong acidflammable or combustible materialsaluminum is forbidden to prepare sodium nitrate.


3. Although sodium nitrate is widely usedit is possible to contact with it. Thereforeno matter whether it is used nearby or notprotective measures should be taken. At the same timeattention should be paid to the storage environment to avoid leakage accidents.

the above is the introduction of the physical chemical properties of sodium nitrate brought to you. I hope that through the analysis of this articlewe all have more understing of sodium nitrate. If you want to know more about sodium nitrateplease pay attention to our website ~

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