The lost boy of the Sudan found his bearing and drew our attention to Fula

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If you lived in Sioux falls, south Dakota, for a while, someone might ask you this question: "do you know David Jarre?"The problem is: do you know the story of David?

David Jarre had a tough life and one of the most traumatized men of all time. He is a court services officer with the South Dakota joint justice system and a first-generation south Sudanese American. When he was a boy, he nearly lost his life twice. The first was a severe gunshot wound, the second a grenade in the chest. He miraculously survived crossing the desert without food or enough water. He lost his family and friends because of the war. Undefeated by his ordeal, David went on to study war and conflict as a graduate student at the University of North Dakota. David and Brenda and Donn Hill set up eight makeshift schools in the village of Khor Wakow, serving more than 6.000 children.

There is a saying because a man knows a city. It was after learning about David's story that I looked up the materials of Fula, hoping to learn more about Fula.

Fula has a single economic structure, mainly agriculture and animal husbandry, backward industry, weak foundation, and strong dependence on nature and foreign aid. Sudan is one of the world's least developed countries declared by the United Nations. It has been rated as "the most unstable country in the world" by the failed states index. Such a current situation makes Fula's bearing industry has been in a very backward state, which is also quite reasonable.

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