The new technology can find the crack position in advance

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-30
Russia's Skolkovo Institute of science technology the National Research University of technology have jointly developed a new technology for mechanical testing of complex materials which can determine the micron level deformation concentration area of materials so as to find out the location of cracks in advance put forward solutions to prevent material damage which helps to better control the material state. The related research papers were published in the journal polymer. In order to control the state of oil-bearing rock aviation composite engine heat-resistant alloy other layered materials it is necessary to know exactly how the deformation of materials propagates. At present there is no simple universal method to analyze the micro deformation of materials so that researchers can further study improve its internal structure. To this end Russian researchers put forward the mechanical testing technology. The two-step step method of scanning materials in a cavity with a step-by-step micro resolution electron microscope a vacuum microscope are included. In the research process of

researchers first put the porous polyethylene samples developed by National Research University of technology with a micromechanical testing machine into the vacuum cavity of scanning electron microscope. Through special software hundreds of photos can be obtained from the process; then the detailed images of material micro strain distribution are further established by using digital image method. These images reflect the change of stress concentration in different regions of the material. Through the analysis of the images the researchers found that the deformation of the material in the compression process did not occur uniformly but gradually exped spread to the material film strips. Alexei salimon associate professor of Physical Chemistry Department of Russian National Research University of technology said that through the test of polyethylene real-time images of deformation can be established in the complex porous material loading process the analysis of these micro deformation can determine the deformation concentration area during sample testing product use. Previously this narrow area was only a theoretical hypothesis. He also pointed out that UHMWPE porous materials are widely used in the medical field such as replacing bone cartilage fragments being used as cell matrix in cell technology. The above methods are simple universal can be rapidly extended to laboratories equipped with high-resolution digital imaging equipment.

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