What The Most Smooth Tungsten Disulfide Can Bring To The Car

wallpapers Industry 2020-06-23

Tungsten disulfide, as a new type of solid lubricating material, is the smoothest of the thousands of materials currently known by the editor. Its chemical properties are relatively stable, can adapt to a variety of extremely harsh conditions, provide maximum protection against abrasion, rust, and corrosion, and it is green and environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic, will not cause harm to human health, and will form the environment. Pollution can be widely used in the automotive industry, bringing many benefits to automobiles.

Tungsten disulfide is a layered crystal structure with excellent lubricity and extremely low friction coefficient. The dynamic friction coefficient is 0.030, and the static friction coefficient is 0.070. Coated on the surface of automobile parts, it can significantly reduce wear, bite, etc. and eliminate Or reduce equipment repair and maintenance problems caused by friction, wear, etc., improve the working efficiency and service life of auto parts, and save time and cost for users.

When the car engine is running, the temperature will be very high, and the piston will rotate back and forth at a very high speed. Running under such harsh conditions, the disk will accelerate wear. Because the friction coefficient of tungsten disulfide is small, the components used for high temperature or heavy load friction can also maintain the lubrication effect. At this time, coating it on the surface of the piston will reduce wear, reduce heat and prolong service life.

Old drivers will probably know that the piston ring is the least durable part on the engine. The piston ring rotates with the piston at high speed and is affected by the high temperature and high-pressure gas in the cylinder. The engine oil is particularly prone to deterioration at high temperatures, so its wear is severe. With WS2, friction is reduced, and you can move happily with the piston under the conditions of high speed, high pressure, high temperature and extremely difficult lubrication!

Tungsten disulfide has excellent compatibility and water washout resistance and has an affinity with most paints, solvents and fuels. It can ensure that the bearings in the pumps and silicone oil fan clutches and the helical gears that drive the distributors, etc., always have a layer of lubricating layer for rust and corrosion protection.

Tungsten disulfide has such excellent performance, and it is not only used in the automotive industry, but its application can also be broad, such as machinery industry, plastic industry, medical equipment industry, as well as military, aerospace and satellite, aviation spacecraft and other high-tech fields.

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