What are the classifications of asbestos? Do you know the harm of asbestos to human body?

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asbestosalso known as asbestos asbestos fiberis a general term of silicate minerals rich in elastic fibers. Generally speakingasbestos is composed of fiber bundles the color is green yellow or white. It has high tensile strength flexibility. Howeverasbestos is harmful to human body can cause many diseases. Understing the classification of asbestos can avoid the harm of asbestos to human body. Let's learn about it!

asbestos is mainly divided into serpentinehornblendepyrophyllitebrucite other asbestos.

serpentine asbestosalso known as chrysotile asbestosis widely distributed in nature. Its main components are silicamagnesium oxide crystal water. Serpentine asbestos is generally white or graytranslucent statehardness is 2.5density is about 2.53no magneticnon-conductivefire-resistantalkali resistantfiber is tough soft. Serpentine asbestos accounts for 95% of the market output of asbestos.

hornblende asbestos includes crocidoliteiron asbestos (MgFe) 7 [si4o11] 2 (OH) 2tremolite asbestos (MgFe) 7 [sio8o22] (OH) 2tremolite asbestos Ca2 (Mg ~ FE) 5 [si4o11] 2 (OH) 2chrysotile. There are NaCAMg Fe in hornblende asbestos their contents are different. Serpentine hornblende are divided into fibrous non fibrous structures only those with fibrous structure become asbestos.

asbestos is harmful to the

asbestos pollution environment: at present95% of the asbestos in the world is chrysotilechrysotile can be split into ultra-fine fibers 10 grams of asbestos superfine fibers are discharged into the environment for every 1 ton of chrysotile consumed. Due to its light weight small volumeit can float in the air for a long time continuously pollute the environment.

asbestos is harmful to health: according to the statistical surveythe morbidity rate of asbestos related industries is relatively highsuch as asbestos mining processing. The United States has restricted the use of asbestos products promulgated relevant regulations prohibiting the use of asbestos. According to the survey12000 people lost their lives due to asbestos related diseases in Germany for 20 years 2000 people died every year in France due to asbestos. The

asbestos: in factthere is no substance in asbestos itself. The main reason is dust pollution. When asbestos superfine fiber enters the human bodyit will gradually deposit in the human lungscausing lung diseases. At presentasbestos has been confirmed as a * by the international * * research center. When dust enters the lungit will not react immediatelyit will have a incubation period of 20 to 40 years it is easy to induce lung *which is a matter of concern all over the world. Japan predicts that 100000 people will die from asbestos dust pollution in 2040 Germany predicts that 500000 people will die from asbestos dust pollution in 2020.

will cause diseases such as lung *gastrointestinal *mesothelial *asbestosis when living in asbestos polluted environment for a long time.

the above is a summary of the types of asbestos the hazards of different types of asbestoshoping to help you ~

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