What are the main aspects of the rapid development of inorganic salt industry?

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inorganic salt industry is a traditional industry in China. In recent yearsit has been adhering to a good development momentum. Many inorganic salt products occupy a very important position in the world market inorganic salt products also occupy a very important position in the world market. The rapid development of inorganic salt industry is closely related to the technical progress of the industry. At presenttechnological progress in the production of inorganic salts is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. To realize large-scale production of

China's inorganic salt industry used to be a workshop type production. The backward production technology equipmentunstable product qualityhigh production cost high output have restricted the development of the industry. Howeverin recent yearswith the application of advanced technology equipment developed by China for many years in industrial productionas well as the implementation of foreign advanced technology equipment projectsthe trend of large-scale production of some inorganic salt varieties has formed dozens of varieties have entered the forefront of the worlddriving the overall development of inorganic salt industry.

2. The traditional inorganic salt products are replaced by the traditional process of

by cheap raw material route. Only when the traditional inorganic salt products want to develop in the fierce market competition have low production costcan they take the initiative. Thereforein recent yearsmany new technologies have been developed to produce traditional products with cheap raw materialswhich reduces the production cost of old products. In the pastmany inorganic salt products in China were not only small in scalebut also poor in quality or unstable in quality single in variety. Thereforeit was difficult for domestic products to enter the international marketwhile a large number of foreign products were imported. Through years of continuous technical researchcoupled with the improvement of equipment control meansthe product quality has been greatly improved. The above three points of

are the three major reasons for the rapid development of inorganic salt industry.

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