What are the nutritional values of inorganic salts in common vegetables?

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common vegetables contain a variety of vitaminssuch as carrotsspinachleek is the main source of carotene. Vitamin C is common in vegetables such as capsicum cauliflower. There are a variety of inorganic salts in vegetablesspinachcelery other high ironlegume vegetables contain more potassium inorganic salts; eggplantpepper other vegetables contain more phosphorus inorganic salts; green leaf vegetables contain relatively high calcium.

the nutritional value of inorganic salts in several common vegetables is listed below:

Chinese cabbage:

cabbage contains rich vitamin Cwhich can increase the body's resistance to * * can also play a good skin care beauty care effect. What's morethere are trace molybdenum inorganic salts in Chinese cabbagewhich can produce absorb nitrosamine in human body play a certain role. The contents of zinc in

cabbage were higher than that in meat eggswhich could promote the growth development of young children. Cabbage is rich in potassium low in sodiumwhich will not make the body save excess water reduce the burden on the heart. The nutritive value of Chinese cabbage. There are 7 advantages of eating more Chinese cabbage. In addition to its rich nutritionChinese cabbage also has a good effect of health food therapy.


cucumber contains a kind of vitamin C decomposition enzyme inorganic salt in daily lifecucumber eat more rawat this time it contains vitamin C decomposition enzyme to maintain a certain activityif vitamin C rich foodsuch as pepperthe vitamin C decomposition enzyme inorganic salt in Cucumber will destroy the vitamin C of other foodalthough it is not harmful to human body But it will reduce the absorption of vitamin C.

cucumber is rich in proteincarbohydratevitamin B2vitamin Cvitamin Ecarotenenicotinic acidcalciumphosphorusiron other inorganic salts. At the same timecucumber also contains propanedioic acidcucurbitacin soft fiberwhich is the priority for beauty beauty.

are the introduction of inorganic salt nutrition value of common vegetables.

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