What are the physiological functions of inorganic salts in human body?

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At presentmore than 20 kinds of inorganic salts have been found in human body. Each inorganic salt contains different trace elements their effects on human body are also different. Each kind of trace element's respective actionformed the inorganic salt in the body's overall function. Sowhat kind of physiological role does inorganic salt play in human body? The physiological functions of

inorganic salts in human body mainly include the following:

1 Inorganic salts play an important role in the constitution of tissues cells participate in many important physiological functionswhich make the brain body in a relatively healthy state all the time;

2. Inorganic salts are important elements to maintain acid-base balance in the bodywhich keep the morphology function of cells at a normal level;

3. Inorganic salts effectively maintain the activities of organisms stimulate their flexibility;

4. The distribution of inorganic salts in human body is not uniform various trace elements play different roles in human tissues at all levels; Due to the daily metabolism of human bodysome inorganic salts are lost from the human body every day. And want to supplement the body's inorganic salt contentwe should pay attention to the usual nutrition balance. Although the

inorganic salts are often ignored in our daily lifetheir physiological effects in human body can not be ignoredwhich will cause serious consequences. If you want to avoid the lack of inorganic salt in the bodyyou must pay attention to balanced diet diversified diet in daily life. For exampleyou can eat more coarse grainssuch as corn brown rice; for exampleyou can eat less refined flour foods. To keep healthy enjoy a good life is everyone's pursuit ideal. Maintaining the normal content of inorganic salts in the body is an important part of our efforts to maintain our health.

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