What are the properties of the four common inorganic salts?

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inorganic salts are indispensable trace elements in human body or plants. Different inorganic salts will produce different chemical reactions have different properties properties. In this paperwe mainly discuss the properties of lithium chloridelithium bromidelithium iodide sodium iodide.

lithium chloride

are colorless cubic crystals with deliquescence. It's salty. It is soluble in waterethanolacetonepyridine other organic solvents. It belongs to low toxicity. It has strong irritation corrosive effect on eyes mucous membrane. Lithium chloride is mainly used in the field of air conditioningas fluxdesiccantchemical reagent in the production of fireworksdry batteries metal lithium. Solubility in water was 67 KDS. Howeverit is difficult to obtain lithium in the solvent of lithium chloride. The molecular formula of

is LiBr. The inorganic salt of white cubic crystal or granular powder is very soluble in waterethanol * *slightly soluble in pyridine soluble in organic solvents such as methanolacetone glycol.

lithium iodide

white crystalline inorganic salteasy to deliquescencelight or long-sting color yellow; soluble in wateralcohol acetone* * *; when meltingit is corrosive to glass ceramics; when heated to 73 ℃it loses one molecule of crystal water to 80 ℃ loses two molecules of crystal water. It can form a complex with alkyl lithium act as a stabilizer (similar to lithium bromidelithium chloride cannot form stable complex with alkyl lithium because it is difficult to dissolve in ether).

sodium iodide

inorganic salt of colorless cubic crystal or white crystalline powder. Odorlesssalty bitter. Soluble in watersoluble in methanolethanolacetoneglycerolliquid ammonia liquid sulfur dioxide. The aqueous solution is slightly alkaline. When the temperature is below 65. At 6 ℃various hydrates with indefinite number of water molecules are formed in aqueous solution. Sodium iodide dihydrate was precipitated from the solution at room temperature at - 13. 5~31。 Sodium iodide pentahydrate can be precipitated at 5 ℃. It has reducibility can be oxidized by general oxidant to free iodine.

the above are the properties of the four common inorganic salts introduced to you by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to you ~

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