What are the specific manifestations of the lack of inorganic salts?

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inorganic saltswhether for the human body or for plants have an important roleinorganic salts contain many trace elementsthe lack of any trace elements may have a significant impact on human body or plants. What are the specific manifestations of the lack of inorganic salts?

first of allwe should underst that inorganic salts contain trace elements such as nitrogenphosphoruspotassiumcalciumironiodinezincetc. these trace elements will be discharged with the metabolism of the human body. Although the inorganic salt of plants will not be excludedit will digest itselfso that when these trace elements are lackingwe can make timely supplement to avoid a series of them The disease. But for plantswe need to find out in time that it is lack of trace elementsso as to supplement.

for the human bodywhen the lack of calcium containing inorganic saltchildren are prone to ricketsmiddle-aged elderly people are prone to osteoporosis. At this timewe need to take calcium from soybeansgreen leafy vegetablesshrimp skin other food; when the lack of phosphorus containing inorganic saltit will show anemiamuscle weaknessbone pain other symptomswe can from milkeggsfish other food In the absence of zinc containing inorganic saltsthe symptoms of poor growth poor taste are usually observedwhich can be effectively improved by eating more peanut oil pig liver.

for plantswhen the lack of inorganic salt nitrogenplant development is poorleaves yellow; when the lack of inorganic salt phosphorusthe plant is particularly short the leaves are dark greensometimes with a little purple; when the lack of inorganic salt potassiumthe plant stem is weak the edge front of the leaves are scorched. When the plant appears these symptomswe must fertilize the plantin order to ensure the life of the plant. The lack of

inorganic salts has some disadvantages for people plantsso we should pay attention to supplement inorganic salts for ourselves plants.

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