What do you know about the anodic reaction of sodium nitrate?

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in enamel industrysodium nitrate is a kind of fluxoxidant raw material for preparing enamel powder. Anode effect occurs in the process of usebut for many usersthey do not know what is anode effect. We will briefly introduce the anode reaction of sodium nitrate.

sodium nitrate anode effect is a unique phenomenon in molten salt electrolysisbut it is particularly obvious in the production of sodium nitrate. When the anode effect of sodium nitrate appearsthe cell voltage rises sharplysometimes reaching 20 ~ 50Vor even higher. Its occurrence has a great impact on the whole electrolysis serieswhich reduces the current efficiencyaffects various technical indexes of electrolysis reduces the output quality of sodium nitratethus seriously affecting the stable power supply of the whole electrolysis series. In terms of treatment methodsthere are only two kinds: extinguish with the effect rodor lower the anode increase the blanking to eliminate the anode effect.

with the process of electrolysisthe oxygen-containing ions in the electrolyte gradually reduceto a certain extentfluoride precipitates reacts with anode carbon to form carbon fluoride. After the decomposition of carbon fluoridefine carbon particles are precipitated. These carbon particles adhere to the anode surface prevent the electrolyte from contacting with the anodeso that sodium nitrate can not well wet the anode When the new material is addedoxygen is precipitated from the anode surfacewhich reacts with carbon powder to make the anode surface calm graduallythe resistance decreases the electrolysis process is normal again.

the above is a summary of the introduction of the anode reaction of sodium nitratehoping to be helpful to you ~

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