What is Maifanshi? What are the characteristics of Maifan stone? What is the function of Maifanshi?

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What is

Maifan stone? Maifan stone is a kind of natural silicate mineralalso known as quartz monzonitemountain Smelting StoneMayan s bean dregs stonewhich belongs to inorganic nonmetal materials. Maifanshi is non-toxic harmless to human body it can also be used as medicine rock. In generalthe stone is yellow cyan does not react with water. The following small series to introduce the characteristics of the stone the role of stone.

Maifanshi is characterized by

1. Strong adsorption capacity: Maifanshi is porous has a large surface areaso it will produce a larger adsorption effect. Maifanshi can prevent skin diseasesespecially the effect is ideal. From the microscopic imaging of the fine powder of Maifan stonewe can know that it has a sponge like porous structure with a large surface area has a great adsorption effect on water soil. Purification effect: the physicochemical properties of Maifanshi are close to those of igneous rocks. Maifanshi can absorb bleaching powder other toxic substances to purify tap water. Minerals from the stone can also improve tap water. After testingthe Maifan stone is put into the tap water for 100 minutesthe bleaching powder in the water will be completely absorbed.

Maifanshi acts as

. 1. Maifanshi drinking: adding a small amount of Maifanshi into wine can absorb fusel oil in wine improve the flavor of wine.

2. Maifanshi brewing: fanmai stone can be used for wine making. It has been found that the water soaked with Maifanshi will become suitable for brewing. Wine making partners can try it. Maifanshi deodorization: Maifanshi has strong adsorption capacity the deodorization capacity of Maifanshi is similar to that of deodorizer there is no side effect.

4. Maifanshi tooth brushing: fine processing of Maifanshi putting it into toothpaste can prevent cure the effect of dental abscess leakage. Maifanshi smoking: it has been proved by experiments that nicotine tar can be removed by adding Maifan stone to * * filter without changing the taste the removal effect can reach 100%.

6. Maifanshi sewage treatment: reasonable use of Maifanshi can adsorb organic sewage sewage.

7. Maifanshi artificial mineral spring: at presentMaifanshi active water device has been developedwhich can be used in large baths or families by using its adsorption purification water. Maifanshi activated water device is equipped with ultrasonic treatment equipmentultrasonic contact human bodywill produce heat energypermeate all parts of the bodycan alleviate fatigue. Moreoverultrasound has emulsifying effect on dirt fatwhich makes it easier for dirt on human body surface.

the above is a summary of what Maifanshi is its characteristics functions http://www.hgqrx.com/article/wjhgyl/8009.html

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