What is calcium carbide gas? What are the advantages? What are the uses?

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What is

tourmaline? Tourmaline is also known as Tomalintourmalineluminous stoneetc. tourmaline * * was discovered in Sri Kalan is as precious as a diamond. Tourmaline is mainly composed of magnesiumaluminumironboron other 10 kinds of beneficial trace elements for human body. And tourmaline will produce pyroelectric effect when heatedwhich is beneficial to human blood circulation. The following is to introduce the advantages of tourmaline what are the uses of tourmaline? 1. The advantages of tourmaline are

. 1. Generating negative ions: the negative ions produced by tourmaline can regulate our body balancerelax our body mindactivate cells reduce the oxidation aging of the body. There are many positive ions produced in our living environmentwhich makes us in a state of tension. So the negative ions of tourmaline are indispensable to us. And negative ions can also deodorize. Electrolytic water: when tourmaline comes into contact with waterit can deal with some chemical problems. After water electrolysisit can stabilize chlorinepassivate ironreduce waterremove silica adhesive. Tourmaline can release a high value of far-infrared rayswhich can warm cellspromote blood circulation smooth metabolism. Tourmaline can be used in electrical industry. Because tourmaline has pyroelectric propertyit can also be used in infrared detection refrigeration industry. Tourmaline contains a variety of natural mineralswhich are consistent with the trace elements in human body. Along with the action of electric currentthe human body can absorb trace elements to supplement its own deficiency. The raw materials of tourmaline are: tourmaline powdersuperfine tourmaline powder nano tourmaline powder. Tourmaline related industries include: encircling industrycigarette industrycoating industrytextile industrycosmetics industrywater purification industryair purification industryanti electromagnetic radiation industryhealth care products industryetc.

tourmaline has the function of removing odorwhich can be used in building decoration can absorb toxic harmful gases from paintcolloid coating. Adding ultra-fine tourmaline into the coating coating on the inner wall ceiling can quickly remove the peculiar smell can also smoke for a long time.

tourmaline can be made into environment-friendly carbon cloth in textile industrywhich can make thermal quiltcotton padshirtvestinsole other products have radiation protection effect. After the development of

in recent yearsthe tourmaline can be used for stone therapys therapyhydrotherapy other health functions. In the textile industrybedding clothes have both infrared physiotherapy effect antibacterial deodorizing effect on human body. Tourmaline also has the effect of purifying water treating wastewater.

are all about tourmaline? What are the advantages the related usesI hope to be helpful to you ~

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