What is feldspar? What is the composition? How to classify?

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What is

feldspar? Feldspar is an important rock forming material in the earth's crust. Feldspar is composed of aluminosilicate materials containing calciumsodium potassium. In most casesit is colorless transparent there are translucent feldspars with impurities. Feldspar can be used in ceramic industryglass industry enamel industry. Some beautiful feldspar can be seen as decorative pieces. The following is a brief introduction to the composition of feldspar how to classify feldspar? Feldspar composition of

feldspar composition:

1. The chemical expressions of feldspar are kalsi3o8naalsi3o8 caal2si2o8. It can be divided into alkali feldspar series plagioclase series. The hardness of feldspar is about 6.25which has high compressive strength high stability for acidic materials. Potash feldspar is mostly redalbite is mostly white a little gray yellow. The basic structure of feldspar is tetrahedral structurewhich is mainly composed of one silicon atom or aluminum atomcarrying four oxygen atoms. The tetrahedron can share one oxygen atom to achieve the connection effect form a skeleton. The crystals of feldspar are mostly tabular the phenomenon of double crystallization is also very common. At presentthere are more than 20 kinds of double crystals. For examplealbite bicrystalmanibal bicrystalbawennuo bicrystalkasbaru bicrystal Shaw albite bicrystal. These bicrystalline feldspars are distributed in triclinic or monoclinic crystals. Feldspar is the most abundant material in the earth's crust can also be seen in the moon meteorites. It is found that feldspar accounts for 60% of the total weight of the earth's crust. Feldspar is also common in igneous rocksmetamorphic rocks sedimentary rocks. Feldspar is mainly used in the ceramic glass industriesbut also as a gem material. Classification of


feldspars are mainly divided into orthoclase plagioclase. The difference between

orthoclase plagioclase is that the angle between orthoclase plagioclase is 90 ° less than 90 ° respectively. In additionorthoclase is generally of card typewhile plagioclase is of polycrystalline type. It is whitewhite white has a good effect. Plagioclase is generally gray white dark gray. Howeverice feldspar is colorless transparent with glass luster. The melting point of potash feldspar is 1290 ℃that of albite is 1215 ℃ that of barium feldspar is 1715 ℃. The relatively single feldspar has low melting pointgood technological properties easy deformation in the process of processing. Classification of

feldspar deposits:

gneiss depositsthese ores are mainly distributed in feldspar block zone of pegmatite feldspar pegmatite with single differentiation; magmatic type deposits can produce alkaline rockssuch as nepheline syenitegranitegranitequartz other ore raw materials.

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