What is nitrite? Expert answer: nitrite content in food is low, generally will not be harmful to human body!

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nitriteonce heard this newsthe little partner thought that eating would immediately poisoningwill also diecan be scared sillycome to see what nitrite is? What is the harm of nitrite? Which foods in life contain nitrite? What are


nitrite is the general term of inorganic compoundsincluding sodium nitrite potassium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is white to light yellow powder or crystalsimilar in appearance taste to salt easy to dissolve in water. It is also a common food additive in daily diet drinking water. It is used in hammarinadebacon fried meat products as preservative color protecting agent. What are


exist in soil water in nature. Some plants also contain nitrate the content of nitrate in different varieties is differentsuch as beetlettucespinachceleryradish other green leaf vegetables have higher nitrate content. The reason lies in crop cultivationapplication of nitrogenous pesticide nitrogen fertilizer. In additionthe nitrite content of some pickles is too high due to the technical problems. What are

nitrite? As far as the nitrite in vegetables is concernedthe raw material of

is vegetable nitrate the transformation condition is mainly bacterial growth. Common pickles pickles can produce nitritebut the peak appears on the seventh day of pickling. If you eat it every half a monththe content of nitrite will decrease. What is the harm of

nitrite? The nitrite in the

diet will not be harmful to human healthbecause the dose of nitrite poisoning is more than 200mgwhile the nitrite in the ordinary diet is generally less than 50mg. In factmost of the nitrite in the diet is in the form of "passers-by" will be excreted by the human body soon. Which foods of

contain nitrite?

in factalmost all the ricevegetables meat that people eat every day contain nitrite.

nitrite are considered to be natural. In the process of plant growthnitrogen in nature is used to synthesize amino acidswhich inevitably produces nitrate. At the same timethe reductase in the plant reduces part of it to nitrite. So nitrate nitrite are all in plants.

as a resultall our daily diets inevitably contain nitrate nitrite. Data show that 80% of the nitrite intake by human body comes from vegetables. Which foods of

contain nitrite? There are also artificial additives in

which are legal food additives.

have anti-corrosion effect due to their coloration. The content of nitrite in salted meatsausagebacondried fishshrimpsquid shreds other animal food is high. The use of nitrite or meat powder containing nitritemeat water retaining agentsausage improveretc. to make meat products ruddy in colorfresh tender in taste not easy to rot has become the unique skill of most chefs.

state has very strict regulations on the content of nitrite in food at the same timeit has strengthened food safety supervision. Which foods of

contain nitrite? It is well known that

contain nitritewhich is very easy to cause *. Xu Yun thinks that this statement is somewhat exaggerated. Nitrite in domestic water is usually converted from nitrateor the water is pollutedshe said. But the nitrite content in tap water is very loweven if it is increased by two to three timesit will not reach the level of toxicity. If the water is not seriously polluted does not reach the level of toxicitycompared with vegetables processed meat productsthe content of nitrate or nitrite in drinking water is very low insignificant. The half-life of

is only 1-5 minutes after it is absorbed into the blood. It is impossible to talk about the accumulation of nitrite because of the decomposition of nitrite itself. The dose of

is always inseparable from the dose of food poisoning substances or food. According to

the dose should not be left aside at any time. Among the nutrients of food itselfexcept proteinfat starchother nutrients can be toxic: vitamins are indispensablebut too much is toxic; minerals are indispensable too much is toxic; too much salt sugar are toxic. In the drinking water hygiene stardnitrite is not more than 1 mg / Lthat is to sayit is safe to drink less than 10 liters of water at one time.

are all about nitrite? What's the harm? And what foods in our life contain nitrite. I hope it will be helpful to you ~

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