What is silicate fiber? What are the characteristics of the two silicate fibers?

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What is silicate fiber? The so-called silicate refers to the general term of the compounds formed by the combination of silicon oxygen with other chemical elements (mainly aluminumironcalciummagnesiumpotassiumsodiumetc.). It is widely distributed in the crust is the main component of most rocks (such as diabasepyroxenedolomiteetc.) soil. Silicate fiber includes: white silicate fiber (equivalent to ceramic fiber) green silicate fiber (equivalent to mineral fiber)so what are their characteristics? White silicate fiber: detailed features: Color: graywhite; alumina (Al2O3): content is usually more than 20%; good temperature resistance: long-term use temperature above 800 ℃ (temperature resistance is directly proportional to the content of alumina); 2. Green silicate fiber: detailed characteristics: Color: graygreen; alumina (Al2O3): content is usually less than 20%; excellent biodegradability; The temperature resistance of

is moderate: the long-term service temperature is 650 ℃ (enough to satisfy the application request of ordinary brake pads).

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