What is sodium nitrate? What are the preparation methods?

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What is

sodium nitrate? Sodium nitrate is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula of NaNO3also known as Chilean nitrate. What are the preparation methods of sodium nitrate? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about the preparation method of sodium nitrate ~

what is sodium nitrate? Its molecular weight is 84.99hygroscopiccolorless transparent. The crystal temperature is 306.8 ℃the melting point is 2.26 ℃ the refractive index is 1.587 1.336. The decomposition temperature is 380 ℃. The first preparation method of

sodium nitrate is: it is very soluble in water liquid ammoniaslightly soluble in acetone in methanol ethanol slightly soluble in glycerol. The solution is cooled the solution is neutral. It is obtained by absorbing nitrogen oxides by alkali solution in industrial production process then evaporating crystallizing. It is used in the preparation of nitric acidsodium nitrite catalyst in sulfuric acid industry. Method 2: acid base reaction: sodium hydroxide solution reacts with dilute nitric acid to form water sodium nitrate. Method 3: reaction of hydrochloric acid: reaction of sodium carbonate with dilute nitric acid: formation of sodium nitratewater carbon dioxide. Method 4: reaction of salt salt: reaction of sodium chloride with silver nitrate: precipitation of sodium nitrate silver chloride.

sodium nitrate preparation method 5: compared with other methodsthe method of producing sodium nitrate by the reaction of some compounds is simplelow cost will not produce some harmful substances in the production processwhich is relatively safe.

above is the summary about what sodium nitrate is its preparation method. I hope it can be helpful to the students who are studying chemistry.

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