What is sodium nitrite? What is the harm to human body?

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What is

sodium nitrite? Sodium nitrite is a kind of chemical raw materialwhich is a common industrial salt. It is very harmful to human body. It is very harmful to human body. If the human body ingests too much sodium nitriteit is easy to cause poisoningnauseavomitingconvulsioncoma other symptoms even seriously endanger personal safety. We usually eat a lot of pickled foodsome smoked sausage baconwhich also contain sodium nitrite. Now let's learn about the specific harm of sodium nitrite to human body ~

what is sodium nitrite? Carbonate formed by the ionization reaction of nitrite with potassium. Sodium nitrite is easy to deliquescencesoluble in strong electrolytes liquid chlorine. It is slightly alkaline in aqueous solution. When the pH value is about 9it can slightly dissolve with alcoholethanolmedical other solvents. Sodium nitrite is a kind of industrial saltwhich is similar to edible saltbut it is harmful inedible. What harm does

sodium nitrite do to human body? Sodium nitrite of

has strong toxic side effects. If people take 0.2g to 0.5gthey will have food poisoning symptoms. If they eat 3 grams at a timethey will die. It is characterized by severe symptoms such as nauseacyanosisnauseadizzinessnausea vomiting. What harm does

sodium nitrite do to human body?

will cause sodium nitrite damage if they contact the skin of workers' hs feet. In additionsodium nitrite can also be converted into an irritant in human body. The newly pickled sauerkraut also contains sodium nitrite (so it is better to eat it within 15 days after soaking in water the content of sodium nitrite will gradually decrease.

the above is the introduction about what sodium nitrite is what harm sodium nitrite does to human body. I hope it can help you ~

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