What is the ceramic process flow? What are the main components of ceramics?

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ceramicsalso known as enamelis a kind of composite material attached to the metal surface in the state of glass melting. Enamel * * early appeared in ancient Egyptoriginated from glass decorative metal. Enamel began to appear in China in the 8th century gradually matured in the 14th century. Let's share the enamel process flow underst the main components of enamel.

enamel process flow

enamel process flow includes glaze preparationembryo preparationenamel coatingdryingfiring inspection. Some enamel in order to meet the dembut also for color decoration assembly processing. The traditional process of

is: firstlythe base glaze is coated on the pressed metal surface then the surface glaze is coated after firing. As the bottom glaze is the transition layer of enamelit has strong adhesion. Coating the surface glaze can make the metal surface smooth beautifulso that the metal enamel surface has excellent physical chemical properties. At presentthe enamel technology is very convenient. The glaze can be used as both the bottom glaze the surface glaze. Preparation of

glaze: the glaze is a glass silicate or borosilicate coating on the metal surface. Matrix agent is the main component of glazemainly composed of silicateboron oxidealumina other compounds.


is used to smear enamel. It means that the glaze is evenly smeared on the surface of the metal embryo. There are many ways to coat itsuch as dippingpouringsprayingspraying powderelectrostatic coating electrophoresis. Firing of

products: the finished enamel needs to be fired in box furnace tunnel furnace. The firing temperature should be between 880 ~ 930 ℃ a good paper burning process is conducive to the good adhesion between the porcelain layer the body the oxidation atmosphere is better.

enamel is mainly composed of metal enamel.

metal materials: generally used steelcast ironaluminumcopperstainless steel. Steel generally uses low carbon steel platewhich is the main material of the tank of volumetric water heater. As the physical chemical properties of low carbon steel play a key role in the quality of enamelthe enamel steel plate produced by Baosteel or WISCO is used for water heaters on the market; iron carbon alloy with carbon content of more than 2.11% is generally used as cast iron material * * is used for fish bathtubschemical instrumentscooking utensilsetc.

glaze raw materials: the main three raw materials: mineral raw materialschemical raw materialspigment raw materials. Mineral material is the main component of enamelwhich is composed of quartz stonefeldspar clay. Chemical raw materials are auxiliary materialsmainly including boraxsodium nitratesoda ashlithium carbonatecalcium carbonatemagnesium oxidezinc oxideetc. Pigment raw materials are mainly used for decorative materials to color enamel.

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