What is the function of inorganic salt as a necessity of life activities?

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inorganic salt as a necessity of life activitieshuman intake of it mainly comes from food inorganic salt contains a large number of trace elementsis an important component of the human bodyaccounting for about 4% of the body weight. So many inorganic saltswhat are the specific effects on human body?

inorganic salts contain mainly sodiumcalciummagnesiumphosphorusironiodinezinc. Sodium is the main component of edible salt. Besides edible saltthe main way for us to absorb sodium can also be obtained from soy saucesalty food so on. Calcium is an important part of human bones teeth. Inorganic salts contain a lot of calciumwhich can help prevent osteoporosisosteomalacia other diseases. The remaining magnesiumphosphorusironiodine zinc can promote growth development prevent childhood dementiagoiter other diseases.

inorganic salts are involved in human body tissues can act as catalysts for various kinds of * * in human bodywhich is the normal growth development of human body. And promote the metabolism of the human bodyso that the body's acid-base balanceprevent the possibility of muscle atrophy the important role of inorganic salts for the human body is to have the role of.

but inorganic salts will also be excreted with the metabolism of the human bodyso we need to get enough inorganic salts from some foodsso as to ensure the health of human bodymore fully ensure the normal development of human bodyprevent diseases so on. If the body is lack of inorganic saltwe can eat a large number of soybeansbeef muttonnutsapplespeanutsmelon seedsalmondskelp other foods absorb the trace elements of calciumphosphorusmagnesiumpotassiumironcopperiodine other trace elements to form inorganic salts.

inorganic salts play a very important role in human body are indispensable substances for human body. The above is a brief introduction to the effects of inorganic salts on human body http://www.hgqrx.com/article/wjhgyl/6063.html

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