What is the use of liquid sodium silicate?

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What are the uses of "liquid sodium silicate"? Let's learn more about

1. Metal repair. Sodium silicate magnesium silicate act together to form a thick paste on the metal surface such as mufflerso as to repair protect the metal surface;

2automobile repair. Liquid sodium silicate is injected into the middle of the front part of the vehicle to form a strong sealant after high temperature to repair the parts;

3. Aquaculture.

4. The results showed that sodium silicate in egg liquid could be preserved for 9 months;

5. Wood processing. The results show that the wood treated with sodium silicate has stronger insect resistance better flame retardant effect;

6concrete. After chemical reactionsodium silicatecements gravel can make concrete dry fasterstrongermore water resistantacid resistant wear-resistant;

7production of fast drying cementacid resistant cementwaterproof oilsoil curing agentrefractory materials; subway groutingwater preventionleakage stoppagemineral wateretc.;


"8wastewater treatment. Treatment of wastewater in a sewage treatment plant. The water cup will combine molecules heavy dirt to precipitateseparate from water molecules purify sewage;

above eight points are the relevant introduction about the use of liquid sodium silicate summarized for youhoping to help you ~

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