What is vermiculite? Do you know the origin and main use of vermiculite?

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What is

vermiculite? Vermiculitealso known as vermiculite powderis a naturalinorganicnon-toxic mineral will exp at high temperature. Vermiculite is a kind of silicatemainly composed of silicaaluminairon oxidemagnesium oxidewater the content of silica is 37% ~ 43%. What are the vermiculite producing areas? What are the uses of vermiculite?

vermiculite is mainly produced in the solution with hot springs is bonded with the soilso it is difficult to separate them. Vermiculite is mainly produced in Xinjiang of ChinaKola Peninsula of RussiaZimbabweAustraliaSouth Africa in the United States. At presentthe known reserves of vermiculite reach 600 million tons. China Russia account for two-thirds of the world reserves the rest are distributed in the United States South Africa. Montana in the United States saves 80 million tons of vermiculite the palabora region of South Africa saves 73 million tons. Vermiculite is widely distributed in Chinamainly in XinjiangHebeiInner MongoliaLiaoningShanxiShaanxiSichuanHenanHubei other regions. China's relatively large vermiculite ore in Xinjiangvermiculite output ranks second in the world has the advantages of high expansion coefficientless impurities so on.

vermiculite uses the specifications of

vermiculite are divided into 8-12mm4-8mm2-4mm1-2mm0.3-1MM40-60 mesh60-80 mesh80-100 mesh100 mesh150 mesh200 mesh325 mesh. Different vermiculite specifications are selected according to the use requirements.

vermiculite is called exped vermiculite after high temperature calcinationwhich can exp ten times of its volume. There are layered structure in vermiculitecrystal water in the layersmall thermal conductivity can be used as thermal insulation material. The use temperature of exped vermiculite can reach 1100 ℃at the same timeit can ensure good electrical insulation. Exped vermiculite is mainly used in construction sweat. In the United Statesthe content of expansive stone in concrete is as high as 52% in British cement mixture tujaniit accounts for 40%. In the

insulation measuresvermiculite can be used for underground pipelinesgreenhouse pipesindoor tunnel interior decorationwalls ceiling of public places; in metallurgical industryvermiculite can be used as coating material; in agriculturevermiculite can be used as seed preservation agentsoil conditionerwetting agentplant growth agent feed additive; Vermiculite can also be used in the active carrier of adsorbentfilter aidchemical products chemical fertilizer used as sewage treatment * * filter nozzle. Different specifications of

have different uses: larger than 270 meshit is used as an external supplement for gold bronze ink paint. 120 ~ 270 mesh can increase the viscosity of the paint. It is used as fireproof card paper for photographic softwood. 40 ~ 120 mesh can be used for linoleumroof boardcornice board dielectric switch board. It can be used in all kinds of insulation equipment.

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