What is zinc sulfate? Analysis of its main nature and use~

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What is

zinc sulfate? Zinc sulfate is a colorless or white crystalparticle or powderalso known as alum. No smell. The taste is astringent. After weathering in dry airall crystal water is lost at 280 ℃ decomposed above 500 ℃. 1g is soluble in 0.6ml water2.5ml glycerininsoluble in ethanol. The water solution is acidic to litmuspH is about 4.5. The crystal water containing 1 molecule is less likely to agglomerate. The relative density was 1.97. Melting point 100 ℃. **The low lethal dose (ratoral) was 2200mg / kg. It's irritating. It is used for manufacturing lithoponemordantastringentwood preservativeetc. The pure zinc sulfate of

does not change yellow after being stored in air for a long time then becomes white powder after losing water in dry air. There are many kinds of hydrates: the stable hydrate in the range of 0-39 ℃ is zinc sulfate heptahydratewhich is zinc sulfate 6H2O at 39-60 ℃ zinc sulfate monohydrate at 60-100 ℃. When heated to 280 ℃all kinds of hydrate completely lose crystal waterdecompose into zinc oxysulfate at 680 ℃further decompose above 750 ℃ decompose into zinc oxide sulfur trioxide at about 930 ℃. ZnSO4 · 7H2O mso4 · 7H2O (M = mgFeMnCoNi) form mixed crystals in a certain range. It reacts with alkali to form zinc hydroxide precipitation reacts with barium salt to form barium sulfate precipitation. The industrial application of

is the main raw material for the production of lithopone zinc salt. It can also be used as a mordant for printing dyeinga preservative for wood leather an important auxiliary raw material for the production of viscose fiber vinylon fiber. In additionit is also used in electroplating electrolysis industry can be used to manufacture cables. Industrial cooling water is a large amount of water. In the closed circulating cooling systemthe cooling water can't corrode scale the metalso it should be treated. This process is called water quality stability. Zinc sulfate is used as water quality stabilizer here. Used medicinally as an emetic. It can be used to prevent the diseases of fruit tree nursery it is also a common fertilizer to supplement crop zinc trace element fertilizer. It can be used as base fertilizerfoliar fertilizeretc.

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