Advanced energy materials: blue energy collection based on all weather self driving chemical energy conversion

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-10-20

ocean is a huge treasure house of energy ocean energy is known as "blue energy" the effective use of blue energy is one of the effective ways to solve the energy crisis. However due to the irregular frequency amplitude of ocean wave motion the rich blue energy can not be fully utilized. In recent years due to its simple structure low cost light weight many other advantages friction nano generator has been widely concerned. Especially it can efficiently collect low-frequency mechanical energy in the environment which provides a feasible strategy for the collection utilization of blue energy. However how to make rational use of the generated power transmission has become an urgent problem. Considering that the ocean absorbs solar energy inexhaustible water without shielding the disordered low-frequency water flow is converted into DC output by friction nano generator which provides external bias for semiconductor based photoelectrochemical cells. Blue energy solar energy can be captured at the same time the two kinds of environmental energy can be converted into chemical energy in the form of hydrogen to realize the effective collection utilization of energy. However due to the alternation of day night the uncontrollable weather it is difficult to realize the continuous conversion of blue energy to chemical energy with the help of photocatalysis so it is necessary to collect store additional blue energy.

Professor Sun Xuhui Professor Zhong Jun associate researcher he Wenzhen of the Institute of functional nano soft matter of Soochow University have designed a kind of unidirectional accelerating friction nano generator driven by gear for the collection transformation of blue energy which can transform low-frequency disordered mechanical motion into unidirectional rotating high-frequency motion. Through the secondary transmission of gear the mechanical speed can be increased by 25% Times. At the speed of 120 rpm the friction nano generator can output 7.1 V 1.5 Ma DC which can provide external bias voltage for the photoelectrochemical cell based on ti-fe2o3 / feniooh. The solar energy captured by the photo electrode can be effectively converted into hydrogen energy the hydrogen production rate can reach 4.65 μ L / min. In the case of insufficient light it can automatically switch to the working state of charging the lithium battery by adjusting the photosensitive resistance to store additional power. Through the power management circuit the lithium-ion battery can be charged to 2.75 V in 10 minutes. It is worth noting that the energy conversion efficiency of the whole system is 2.29% in which the conversion efficiency of hydrogen energy is 1.06% the electric energy storage efficiency of lithium battery is 3.69%. The self driving all-weather blue energy collection storage is successfully realized.

we believe that this work will provide a new idea for the collection utilization of blue energy its complete working system will also promote the practical application of friction nano generator in the field of blue energy.

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