Advanced energy materials: high temperature thermal shock driven nanofabrication and its application in energy field

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-12-07

functional nanomaterials have been widely concerned in various fields especially in the fields of physics chemistry environment biology medicine so on. Among them high-quality functional nanomaterials are playing a very important role in energy applications. However the traditional preparation methods of nanomaterials have some disadvantages such as particle aggregation low yield high cost. These problems may damage the functionality of nanomaterials hinder the large-scale application of nanomaterials. Therefore it is of great significance to develop an efficient green low-cost large-scale manufacturing technology for nano materials.

recently Professor Hu Wenbin Professor Deng Yida Professor Chen Yanan of School of materials of Tianjin University published a paper entitled "high temperature shock enabled nanomanufacturing for energy related" in advanced energy materials Research progress report of "applications"( DOI:10.1002/aenm.202001331 )In this paper a novel method of nano materials preparation high temperature thermal shock (HTS) is introduced systematically the research progress of functional nano materials prepared by HTS in recent years is reviewed comprehensively. This paper introduces the preparation technology of HTS in detail including experimental equipment working principle precursor types growth mechanism of nanoparticles formation of carbon based nanomaterials as well as the unique advantages of HTS. It systematically summarizes a variety of functional nanomaterials prepared by HTS including single metal / semiconductor / compound nanoparticles bimetallic / high entropy alloy nanoparticles single atom carbon based nanomaterials The applications of various functional nano materials in energy storage conversion systems intelligent devices are described in detail. Finally the future prospects research challenges of HTS nanofabrication its application in energy related fields are prospected. This work will provide new research ideas for researchers in related fields has enlightening significance for the rational design of new high-performance nano materials.

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