Advanced functional materials: graphene carbon nanotube composite for all solid state flexible supercapacitor with high surface energy density by ink direct writing

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-12-20
The progress of

high performance micro supercapacitor plays an important role in the development application of micro electronic devices. Graphene is considered as the preferred electrode material for micro supercapacitor due to its high theoretical specific surface area good conductivity excellent mechanical properties. However due to the two-dimensional structure of graphene it is easy to stack agglomerate which hinders the effective contact between graphene electrolyte inhibits the electrochemical energy storage performance of graphene. Therefore it is urgent to develop an efficient method to control the structure of graphene based electrode alleviate the problem of stacking agglomeration enhance the electrochemical energy storage performance of graphene based micro capacitor.

Li Lei School of materials science engineering Xi'an Jiaotong University developed an efficient method to prepare graphene carbon nanotube composite ink then prepared micro supercapacitor by ink direct writing technology. In the device electrode materials the addition of carbon nanotubes can directly control the electrode structure inhibit the stacking agglomeration of graphene. In this paper the effect of carbon nanotube content on the electrochemical energy storage performance of the electrode was studied in detail. It is found that with the increase of carbon nanotube content the surface capacity of the micro supercapacitor first increases then decreases. When the content of carbon nanotubes is 5% the device has the best surface capacity that is the surface capacity reaches 9.81 MF / cm-2 at 0.05 MA / cm-2 remains 8.05 MF / cm-2 when the current density increases to 0.40 MA / cm-2. The device achieves a high surface energy density of 1.36 μ wh cm – 2 at a power density of 0.026 mW cm – 2. At the same time the device also shows excellent mechanical properties cycle stability. When the bending strain is different the surface capacity has no obvious change; when the current density is 0.10 MA / cm-2 the capacity retention rate is still 95.5% after 10000 cycles.

the methods developed in this work can be used for reference to develop high performance graphene based micro supercapacitors solve the problem of stacking agglomeration of other two-dimensional materials.

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