Advanced healthcare materials: wavelength selective controlled release of single nanoparticles

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-07-24
Different small molecules are usually used to inhibit or activate different protein nodes in the signaling pathway of

cells. In this way a series of experimental results are pieced together to draw the path network structure. But the real cellular signaling pathway is not static. Protein nodes are often associated with each other feed back each other in time space. Therefore the traditional method of "blind people feel the elephant" often can not get accurate results. The controlled small molecule release system of

can achieve precise release of encapsulated molecules in time space under specific stimulation conditions which provides a new idea for precise treatment of many major diseases. In many controlled drug delivery systems the clean non-invasive effective drug delivery mode based on light has the advantages of high drug utilization low toxic side effects which has been widely concerned by researchers in recent years.

Professor Han Gang of the University of Massachusetts School of medicine in the United States has developed a photo controlled drug delivery material loaded with gold nanoparticles to solve this problem which can realize the step-by-step molecular release on single nanoparticles with different wavelengths of light regulation in living cells. It provides a novel idea for the study of complex spatiotemporal signaling pathways.

gold nanoparticles as a highly biocompatible carrier material have the advantages of flexible surface modification are good multi drug delivery carriers. The team attached two light sensitive groups coumarin nitroindole to gold nanoparticles with good biocompatibility achieved multi drug step-by-step release that can be adjusted by the wavelength of irradiation light. Among them coumarin photosensitive group can respond to 405 nm light release effectively but there is no obvious change of nitroindole at this wavelength. When the irradiation wavelength is turned to 365 nm nitroindole will be activated to achieve the light controlled step-by-step release of small molecules on single nanoparticles. This research achievement is of great value for the study of complex biological systems biological signaling pathways. In the future we will extend the application of multiple different small molecular loads in the systematic regulation of complex biological multiple protein node system study the real-time signal pathway regulation. It is hoped that in the future the study of cell signaling pathway will not need "blind people feel the elephant".

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