Advanced materials: customized polymer colloidal spheres derived porous carbon spheres based on specific chemical reactions

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-11-17
The porous carbon spheres derived from

polymer colloidal spheres have regular uniform geometry controllable composition structure which play an important role in energy conversion storage gas adsorption separation catalysis photothermal diagnosis treatment. Each kind of polymer colloidal ball based on new reaction synthesis can become a milestone in the development of this kind of polymer. Just like the development of more mature phenolic resin colloidal ball each new type of polymer colloidal ball has explosive development potential. Therefore it is very important to summarize the development of carbon spheres derived from polymer colloidal spheres from basic chemical reactions.

Professor Qiao Zhen'an his collaborators from the State Key Laboratory of inorganic synthesis preparation chemistry of Jilin University summarized the latest research progress in the design synthesis of porous carbon spheres from the perspective of chemical reaction. This progress report mainly focused on the summary of suitable polymerization reactions of colloidal polymer derived porous carbon spheres. According to different polymer monomers polymerization reaction types typical polymer colloidal derived carbon spheres were classified summarized. Colloidal spheres based on phenolic resin colloidal spheres based on oxidative polymerization colloidal spheres based on amine aldehyde condensation colloidal spheres based on base polymer were introduced in turn The colloidal spheres for the Friedel crafts alkylation hypercrosslinking reaction the colloidal spheres based on biomass. Different colloidal spheres have different stability structure functional groups so porous carbon spheres with specific structure function can be derived to meet the corresponding application needs. Therefore on the basis of polymerization this progress report further discusses the latest progress of corresponding synthesis strategies applications. Finally the controllable synthesis of polymer colloids based on specific chemical reactions the realization of highly functionalized carbon spheres are prospected which provides a reference for the development of polymer derived porous carbon spheres. This progress report is of great significance to the chemists who are engaged in the research of polymer colloidal spheres porous carbon spheres.

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