Advanced materials: large scale preparation of artificial skin by microfluidic air jet spinning

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-10-15
As the largest organ of human body

skin plays an important role in maintaining the stability of internal environment resisting external bacterial infection. Skin damage repair especially large area skin repair is a worldwide problem. So far most of the research results have focused on the repair of small area wound skin including fiber scaffolds hydrogel materials. Fiber scaffolds have high strength imitating extracellular matrix structure. Hydrogel materials can bind wounds maintain moist environment. However there are few studies on the protection of large area burns visceral organs exposed after abdominal cavity opening especially in large area wounds after abdominal cavity opening which involves many problems such as naked organ protection easy infection no stent support so on making the preparation application of artificial skin the biggest challenge in the repair process.

Professor Wang Gefei from Jinling Clinical Medical College of Nanjing Medical University Eastern War Zone General Hospital Professor Chen Su from school of chemical engineering of Nanjing University of technology State Key Laboratory of material chemical engineering a kind of artificial skin material with core-shell structure was prepared by microfluidic air jet spinning large-scale mold to solve the above scientific problems The fibrin coated polycaprolactone / silk fibroin (PCL/SF) nanofiber scaffold coated with fibrin coated with rice fiber (65 nm) super large area (140 x 40 cm2) was constructed. The high specific surface area nanofiber scaffolds were used as substrates to form gel (shell) nanofiber (nuclear) scaffold composite skin materials through in-situ gel reaction of fibrinogen thrombin nanofibers. The artificial skin constructed by this method has air permeability (164.635 m3 / m2. H.kpa) excellent mechanical strength (8.45 MPa) angiogenic ability (7 days) rapid degradation rate (7 months). In addition this study has systematically studied the formation mechanism of high strength artificial skin through three stages of conversion process: preparation of gel nanofiber scaffold composite skin material protection repair of damaged tissue ~ regeneration of skin structure. The results showed that the artificial skin promoted the proliferation migration of tissue fibroblasts proper collagen deposition neovascularization tissue structure remodeling which confirmed the regeneration of skin tissue structure. More importantly the artificial skin has been successfully applied to the in vivo experiment of large-area abdominal wall defect after abdominal opening in rats which has achieved excellent results in organ protection tissue regeneration. This study shows that artificial skin has great advantages clinical significance in large area skin medical repair wound protection after abdominal opening. The research results were recently published in the international important journal advanced materials (DOI: 10.1002/adma.202000982).

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