Advanced materials: low spin nano iron oxide with super adsorption properties

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-08-04

transition metals their compounds are the most widely used adsorption catalytic materials. In recent years many strange properties have been found aroused great interest. The electronic structure of 3d transition periodic element compounds is closely related to the surface adsorption force especially the eg orbital electrons directly adsorbed by oxygen-containing species which greatly affect the surface adsorption force its filling degree is closely related to the valence crystal structure coordination environment spin state. However the means mechanism of regulating the spin state of transition metal elements are still unclear. If the spin state of transition metal compounds can be effectively controlled the surface adsorption capacity of these materials may be improved they will become efficient adsorption materials which can provide new ideas for the design synthesis of other new functional materials.

Zou Jijun research group of School of chemical engineering Tianjin University has studied using α - iron oxide as a model: by pre depositing nano-TiO2 in MCM-41 channel to construct a three-dimensional network structure then filling iron oxide particles into the nano network pores the synthesis of iron oxide with high loading (36.7%) quantum size (3 ~ 4nm) has been realized. Through experimental characterization theoretical calculation it is proved that silicon oxide is very important The strong interaction between zeolites nano-sized iron oxide can regulate the spin state of ferric oxide thus realizing the intrinsic transition from high spin state to low spin state. Different from ordinary high spin iron oxide the bond length crystal structure of spin iron oxide also change which makes the filling degree of EG orbital electrons decrease significantly. Moreover through the charge transfer to the carrier a highly positive charge polarized surface is formed which forms a large capacity rapid adsorption removal of anionic pollutants in water. Due to the low cost stable chemical properties of

iron oxide materials are widely used in adsorption materials catalytic reactions. These applications are related to the interaction between iron oxide adsorbate / reactant. It is believed that enhancing the interaction between iron oxide adsorbate can effectively improve their performance. It is believed that this way of controlling the spin state by the strong action of the carrier can be extended to other supported transition metal compounds even monatomic materials thus providing a new way to study improve the properties of these nanomaterials.

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