Discover Latest Technologies at Graphene Flagship Press Event

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Introducing the first ever graphene-powered solar farm

Join us for the latest Graphene Flagship Press event on Friday 18th September at 12.00pm (noon) CEST. Registration is free at:

  • The event will feature the announcement of the first graphene-powered solar farm in Greece, as well as presentations on other Graphene Flagship innovations such as sustainable water filters, wearable skin sensors for health and sports monitoring, and the latest advances in graphene composites (see full programme below).
  • The Graphene Flagship will also use this opportunity to introduce the Graphene Hub – our new platform of digital events.

The online press event will take place on Friday 18th September at 12.00 pm (noon) CEST (Brussels). You may register for free at:


12.00 – Welcome and Introduction

12.10 – The Graphene Flagship Solar Farm

             Emmanuel Kymakis (Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece)

             Graphene Flagship Energy Generation Leader

12.20 – Graphene for Sustainable Water Filtration

             Letizia Bocchi (Medica SpA, Italy)

             Graphene Flagship ‘GRAPHIL’ Project Leader

12.30 – Graphene for Wearable Skin Sensors for Health and Sports Applications.

             Paolo Samorì (Université de Strasbourg, France)

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             Graphene Flagship ‘ChemSens’ Project Leader

12.40 – Graphene Composites for Pollution Removal, Airplanes and Space Applications

             Nathan Feddy (University of Manchester, UK)

             Graphene Flagship Business Developer for Composites

12.50 – The New Graphene Flagship Hub for Digital Events

             Rebecca Waters (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

             Graphene Flagship Dissemination Leader

13.00 – Q&A

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