Installation method of cylindrical roller bearings

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2021-08-20
(1) Install the labyrinth ring (waterproof sleeve). The coordination of the labyrinth ring and the roll neck is generally a tighter dynamic fit, and a copper rod should be used to tap it gently during installation. The two sides of the labyrinth ring must be parallel and closely fit the shaft shoulder and the inner ring of the bearing.
(2) Install the inner ring. The inner ring of the four-row cylindrical bearing is fitted with the roll neck as interference fit. The inner ring should be heated to 90-100°C before installation. Do not exceed 120°C to prevent incomplete shrinkage of the inner ring after cooling. The heating method can be heating by oil tank or induction heating, and heating with an open flame is absolutely prohibited.
The increase in inner diameter when heating with an oil tank is calculated according to the following formula:
In the formula: △d-the increase of the inner diameter of the inner ring after heating (mm) △t-the difference between the oil temperature and the room temperature (℃), the standard of the room temperature is 20℃. d--Inner ring inner diameter (mm) When installing double inner rings such as FCD type, the inner ring and inner ring, the inner ring and the labyrinth ring must be in close contact with the end faces of the inner ring and the labyrinth ring in the axial direction during the cooling of the inner ring, and a feeler gauge should be used Perform an inspection.
(3) The outer ring of the four-row cylindrical roller bearing with the outer ring and the inner hole of the bearing seat is generally transitional fit. For smaller bearings, the outer ring, roller and cage can be lightly combined with a copper rod. Knock into the bearing housing. For larger bearings, the outer ring and the outer ring assembly can be hoisted by using the hoisting holes provided on the outer ring or cage, and the outer ring and the outer ring assembly can be installed vertically downwards into the bearing box.
For F C D P type four-row cylindrical roller bearings with movable ribs, the side retaining ring, outer ring assembly, and middle retaining ring of the same model should not be interchanged. Marks Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and Ⅳ on the end face of the outer ring are the marks of the load zone. When installing and using for the first time, the rolling load direction should be aligned with the first marking mark, and the rolling load can be aligned with the remaining marking marks in sequence when cleaning and reinstalling in the future to prolong the service life of the bearing.