Small: glycyrrhizic acid carbon dots -- an efficient and broad-spectrum antiviral nanomaterial

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-12-15
The spread of

virus not only does great harm to human animal health but also causes great economic loss social impact. Recently the novel coronavirus has been changed to China's family life countless people's future. It is very difficult to control the virus because of its diverse shape variety strong variability interspecific transmission. The emergence of antiviral drugs like dinghaishen needle escorts the health of human animals. However the way is higher than one foot the devil is higher than one foot the mutation of the virus leads to the continuous emergence of drug-resistant virus. It is very necessary urgent to develop new efficient broad-spectrum antiviral drugs.

nano fluorescent probes are a kind of nano materials with high fluorescence emission properties including quantum dots metal clusters carbon dots etc. they have attracted extensive attention in the fields of biosensor biological imaging cancer diagnosis treatment. In recent years some fluorescent probes have been found to have antiviral activity. However the antiviral effect of most carbon dots is not ideal. How to improve their antiviral activity has become a key scientific problem to be solved.

Professor Xiao Shaobo Professor Liang Jiangong of Huazhong Agricultural University have successfully obtained glycyrrhizic acid carbon dots (Gly CDs) with good biocompatibility by using glycyrrhizic acid as raw material hydrothermal synthesis technology. Under the excitation of 356 nm light the maximum emission wavelength of the carbon spot is 438 nm. It was found that Gly CDs could inhibit the invasion replication of porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome virus (arteritis virus family) through multi-target binding stimulation of cellular innate immune signal pathway inhibition of reactive oxygen species regulation of intracellular host limiting factors. The maximum inhibitory effect of Gly CDs on the virus was more than 5 titers. Further studies showed that Gly CDs had good inhibitory effect on porcine pseudorabies virus (herpesvirus family) porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (Coronavirus family) it was an efficient broad-spectrum antiviral nano material. This will open a new window for the development of new antiviral drugs based on spkds. After further clinical trials carbon dots with high antiviral activity are expected to become new antiviral drugs for the prevention treatment of human animal diseases in the future.

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