Small: non preheating quasi 2D perovskite for efficient and stable solar cells

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-07-24
The highest certified photoelectric conversion efficiency of

organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells has reached more than 25% which is comparable to that of silicon-based solar cells. However the instability of cell devices has become the main obstacle in the process of commercialization. Previous studies have shown that the stability of cell devices can be effectively improved by introducing hydrophobic long-chain organic ammonium salts (such as butylammonium or phenethylammonium). Because the introduction of hydrophobic long-chain organic ammonium salt can not only prevent water penetration but also increase the binding energy of perovskite materials slow down ion migration. However long-chain organic ammonium salts have strong electrical insulation quasi-2D perovskites usually exhibit higher exciton binding energy lower carrier transport efficiency than 3D perovskites. At present most of the quasi-2D perovskite films are grown vertically by hot coating method to improve the charge transfer properties. However the thermal coating method will increase the complexity of the preparation process it is difficult to accurately control the uniformity of substrate heating which is not conducive to the repeatability of battery device preparation.

Zhang Yuan research group School of chemistry Beijing University of Aeronautics Astronautics proposed a simple effective non preheating coating method based on the composition ratio of ammonium butyrate (Ba ) ammonium methylate (MA ) to achieve highly oriented quasi 2D (BA) 1.6 (MA) 3.4pb4i13 perovskite films with dense morphology uniform particle size distribution. Finally the best efficiency of the solar cell is 15.44% (non preheating coating method) 16.29% (hot coating method) respectively. Although the optimal efficiency of the non preheating coating method is lower than that of the hot coating method the non preheating coating method shows higher performance reproducibility. Moreover under the condition of 65% ± 5% relative humidity the unsealed device also shows good humidity stability. This simple efficient non preheating coating method can further promote the development of quasi 2D perovskite solar cells.

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