Small: photothermally responsive two-dimensional MOF nanosheets supported ionic liquids for efficient carbon dioxide separation

wallpapers Nicaragua News 2020-12-15

ionic liquid support membrane is a separation membrane composed of support materials ionic liquids. In recent years ionic liquid supported membranes have demonstrated good CO2 selectivity due to their stable chemical properties high solubility in carbon dioxide (CO2) difficult to volatilize. On the one h the support material has a significant effect on the separation performance of ionic liquid support membrane. For example two-dimensional layered materials (such as graphene oxide ACS Nano 2018 12 5385 molybdenum disulfide J. mater. Chem. A 2019 7 10041 etc.) can be used to confine ionic liquids between their lamellae. These ionic liquids in the confined space can significantly improve the selectivity of CO2. However the conventional two-dimensional layered materials have very limited in-plane pores so that the CO2 transport in the membrane is mainly through the gap between the lamellae which undoubtedly increases the length of the transport path resulting in the CO2 flux still has a large room for improvement. In view of this we designed a two-dimensional layered material (two-dimensional Zr FC MOF nanosheets J. mater. Chem. A 2019 7 15975) with a large number of in-plane micropores as the support material through which the in-plane pores provide additional CO2 pathways so as to improve the CO2 transport flux. At the same time the ionic liquid confined in the MOF micropore ensures that the prepared membrane (Zr FC silm) has excellent CO2 selectivity. On the other h it is found that the CO2 flux can be further increased by applying external field stimulation (such as electric field heat light) to the ionic liquid support membrane. Considering the photothermal properties of Zr FC MOF (ACS appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020 12 20321) the CO2 flux through Zr FC silm can be further improved by external light source stimulation.

in view of this Professor Peng Xinsheng of Zhejiang University Professor Zeng Yujia of Shenzhen University Professor Yan Youguo of China University of Petroleum (East China) cooperated to design prepare Zr FC with a large number of in-plane micropores MOF nanosheets are used as ionic liquid support layer to solve the problem of long gas transport path caused by fewer in-plane pores in traditional two-dimensional materials (such as graphene molybdenum disulfide etc.) ionic liquid support membrane which can maintain high selectivity improve carbon dioxide flux. In addition based on the photothermal properties of Zr FC MOF nanosheets the flux can be further improved by external light source.

Zr FC MOF nanosheets have abundant in-plane micropores which can overcome the long gas transport path caused by the lack of in-plane pores in traditional two-dimensional layered materials. Therefore the prepared Zr FC silm has excellent CO2 separation performance. The CO2 flux CO2 / N2 separation coefficient of Zr FC silm with 460 nm thickness are 145.15 GPU 216.9 respectively. The overall performance of the membrane is better than that of Robeson other similar ionic liquid membranes reported in the literature. Zr FC MOF has photothermal properties. Stimulated by an external light source Zr FC MOF can convert light energy into heat energy which increases the temperature of Zr FC silm accelerates the diffusion of CO2 in the membrane thus further increasing the CO2 flux by 35%. In addition Zr FC silm has excellent photothermal stability even after repeated photothermal regulation the gas flux corresponding selectivity can still return to the initial state.

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